“Yes Madam Sir” -Documentary on Kiran bedi

by Ashish on April 25, 2009

The subject of this documentary is Kiran Bedi, the first woman to join the Indian Police Service, is a controversial and inspiring figure in recent Indian history.This documentary depicts how she was referred to as THAT GIRL in the beginning of her career and then MADAM and finally after she proved her mettle her colleagues and subordinate started calling her SIR.

She is known for her physical courage, institutional innovation, and patriarchal prejudices. Given assignments by the male dominated leadership of the police service meant to marginalize and embarrass her, Bedi succeeded where others failed through her commitment to duty and social justice. From fighting back Sikh extremists, modernizing the notorious Tihar Jail, and reforming the corrupt Police Training Academy, Bedi’s work has been celebrated around the world and vilified by those threatened by a woman’s success in a male dominated field.

Director Megan Doneman lived with Bedi on and off for almost a decade, gaining unparalleled access to her subject. Powerfully narrated by Helen Mirren, Doneman’s film – the first documentary to receive Gala presentation at IFFLA – introduces audiences to Bedi’s extraordinary, ground-breaking life and work.

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Mulder 12.28.10 at 1:34 pm

Any idea where I could get the complete film from?

Ashish 12.29.10 at 11:04 am

Yes Mulder, either u can find it at any film store or can connect with director Megan Doneman on any social network and get details about it’s availability.

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