Social Cinema: Behind every successful film there is a Social media campaign

by Ashish on June 26, 2011

If you search “Social Network” in Google , instead of giving the results about the definition of particular term the first result which comes up is about a movie “The Social network” which even got 8 nominations at 83rd Academy awards and was praised worldwide.

Conclusion: There is a strong relation between “Social Network” and “Movies”.

Over a period of time this relationship between Movies and Social networking has evolved and that is the main reason why there has been an enormous change in the way films are being marketed nowadays. Filmmakers and producers have realized that if they want to pull in audience to theaters there are only two ways, first either create a controversy around the film, second design a social media campaign. Controversies don’t last long but Social media campaign if done in a right manner can boost the ticket sales immensely. After then it’s the content which decides the fate of a movie.

Traditional ways like airing promos on television, giving ads in newspaper and magazine still exists but due to cyber revolution in late 90’s and early 20s Digital and Social Media marketing have taken a front seat. Today almost two third of the world population visits a social networking site once in a week and that’s a major reason why all the big studios and production house around the world are spending substantial amount of their marketing budget for a successful online campaigns.

Harry PotterFor example movies like Harry Porter, Inception and Avatar had spend huge amount of money to make sure that they reach to their target audience easily and stay connect with them 24*7. Today “word of mouse” is equally important as “word of mouth” for a film success which can be easily seen with hundreds and thousands of fans across the world joining the social online platforms of their favorite movies on facebook/twitter within minutes of their creation.Harry Potter’s facebook community only has close to 27 millions fans and counting. It always remains the “talk of twitter” pre and post release time.

Though not everyone who joins these online communities turn out to be the theater audience but these figures helps in spreading the word which effects the sale of tickets significantly in the opening weeks.

It’s not only the Hollywood studios who are going the online way to create buzz filmmakers from India too have realized the power of Social media and online platforms as the best medium to talk about their films. Studios like Yashraj films,

ALT entertainment (Balaji Telefilms) are already running high on social networking platforms whereas filmmakers like Anurag Kashyap and Karan Johar boasts of huge fan following online.

These mediums can also act as a financier for your upcoming flick. Filmmakers like Onir took a step forward and used these platforms smartly to collect funds for his recent film “I AM”.

One thing which plays a pivotal role in a successful Social media campaign is “Audience engagement”. Tapping active users and engaging them smartly helps in creating the awareness which increases the fan base exponentially.

Ashish Patil Producer at Y-films (YashRaj) says “83% of the movie going audience is between 15-35yrs and spends more time online than any other medium. Hence Social Media and digital marketing was the first and obvious choice. We also premiered lot of our content first online and then broke it on TV.”

Reason: Digital marketing catches more eyeballs and cost less as compared to other mediums

During the release of their film Love ka the End” they started India’s first ever Youtube video chat with the cast and crew which pulled close to 9000 participants.

Gaurav Mishra, Co-founder at Media Redefined, one of the top social media agency in India says “Marketing needs to be at the place where people pay attention and when 1 out of 3 people in India hang out on social networking websites it becomes necessary for film industry to have a strong presence on these platforms for promoting their films.”

With the change in time ,marketing strategy for a film need to be revised so that good content reaches to every nook and corner of the world. To survive in an industry which gives out more than thousand films a year, a good and excellent movie matched with a right social media strategy can do wonders at box office and achieve its aim of entertaining a wider audience.

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Gaurav kapoor 06.28.11 at 12:53 pm

Ya true, i thnk v r spendng a lot of time on internet so if we get anythng here we defintely take a look on it.

Abhinav 06.28.11 at 12:54 pm

Yes Ashish. Its absolutely the right platform for movies to be promoted online because of the target audience being net savvy. In fact Yash raj has been doing it since quite some time now. 2 years ago was when i noticed them doing it correctly!
Abhinav´s last blog post ..Making a career move

Himanshu 06.28.11 at 10:38 pm

Wow! This is really a very nice article written in very simple manner. Things are explained very nicely. Learned few new things. Keep it up.

Ashish 06.29.11 at 11:20 pm

@gaurav Rite buddy
@himanshu Cheers!!! “Keep it simple silly” :)
@abhinav True boss, Slowly and gradually Indian film industry is realizing the power of Social Media..

hunterX0506 11.03.11 at 5:21 pm

With the change in time ,marketing strategy for a film need to be revised so that good content reaches to every nook and corner of the world. | :P
hunterX0506´s last blog post ..Best Music Software

Rekha Khatun 01.06.12 at 7:39 pm

Thanks for the effort you took to this post.
The news makes people curious to see these movies. Some opponents are also rumors about an actor or an actress who has created ruin his career. Sometimes, it may be useful to develop the concept of development. The Gossip are in different media for some time been published is true or false. An intelligent man can not distinguish between true and false news. You need good websites to find the address of the actual news. Anyway, gossip an important role in the development of industry Bollywood. Field Bollywood is always loaded with various types of gossip. However, without this new field and gossip Bollywood does not exist. News and gossip about our favorite actress is not the end.

Ashish 01.07.12 at 4:24 pm

@Rekha…I m glad u liked it…if u don’t market in the right way even a good product can be lost somewhere and same goes with films also.

web designers in new york 07.31.12 at 10:31 am

I am surprised as well for the past years wherein social media presence is now a considerable factor on how films do well in the screening. I remember the Avengers promoting heavily on facebook.

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