Outofbox career options during recession : Avoid pursuing old conventional degrees

by Ashish on May 13, 2009

Remember when you were 18 and your parents asked the same question again and again “What do you want to do in your life” or “have you thought about your future seriously” and if you didn’t respond or express your wish clearly you will surely become either an engineer or doctor next door.But the time has changed and students are aware and knows what suits their personality,capability and potential. Today they are curious about the new emerging  career opportunities.There are myriad career opportunities  in the market with good reward that suits your personality as well as interest.After discussing with various career counselor and young aspirants we came out with  some lucrative and outofbox career options  that not only puts you at best place just like monster.com but also pays you enough for the work that you love to do for the rest of your life.

Here is a list of career options that sets you apart from others:

First if you enjoyed scissoring your sister’s Tee or your bro’s jeans when you were 10 then its time to enroll for a fashion designing course.May be in few years of time you will showcasing your work in Milan or LIFW.


If you had like painting your wall when you were a small kid its time to give one more M.F. Husain to world,try to get admission in a art school.


If you don’t like 9-5 job,loves challenges and wants to tell the whole world what’s happening around them go for a mass communication or Journalism program,or If you roam around with a cam in your hand capturing what others can’t a photography course will definitely hone your skills or If you can read the mind of others and understands them you can opt subjects like psychology and sociology.


Even authors like Paulo Coelho, Salman Rushdie ,V.S. Naipaul and  Javed Akhtar got name and fame after years of hard workship and penning down their thoughts for several years.So even you  can write a book , screenplay or become a blogger with $0 investment and let the world know your creativity.

If you like playing with money and financial figures then economics and accounts are the subjects you should go for because studying science for 2 years and then pursuing the same old engineering or doctorate degree will add counts to the unemployed engineers and doctors. Today commerce is given its due respect in schools like  Delhi, Chandigarh,bang lore,etc here  commerce seats gets occupied earlier than science,showing a lot of change in the attitude of students.

Last but not the least if you don’t find your way in all the above options suggested  Entrepreneurship is one thing where you’ll find your feet comfortable.Start a firm of your choice,pitch your ideas to VC ,get online presence with mediaredefined, expert for creating online Buzz and finally if your ideas are  good enough to mould wealthy Venture capitalist you’ll become inspiration for other aspirants.


Whatever you do it should come from inside and be passionate and solemn  about your work.  Ask yourself where do you see yourself 20 years down the line and then decide what you want to do ,not what others want you to be..

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aryanvikings20 05.17.09 at 7:03 pm

Avoid pursuing old conventional degrees ..Go for something which sets you apart from others.

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