Cinema –True Reflection Of Our Society.

by sidsue4364 on May 17, 2009


Movies and cinema has always been an element of fun, time pass for many of us, for over more than a century, when I asked my mother why they watched movie ? answer was – fun, even I would give the same answer for such a silly question, movies has always been associated with glamor, gossip. I doubt what I have just written , think I am crazy ! may be, over the decades there are movies made which are not just have elements of fun or time pass rather than a message for all of us , message for our society.

The movies that comes in my mind is Deepa Mehta’s Water, Earth , Fire, although these movies have been in controversies but certainly they have some message for us. In her movies she always highlighted the atrocities done to Indian women before Independence.

Movies like Phir Milenge starring Shilpa Shetty, Abhishek Bachchan, Salman Khan was on less knowledge regarding AIDS, such movies no doubt give a lot to our society, which cannot be spread to that extent via television. Story tells us about how Shilpa Shetty fights back and retained her pride which was lost because she was HIV +, even I came to know that HIV+ and AIDS are different after watching  this movie.

Movies like Jaago( A child in Mumbai raped in local ) ,Satta (Story about a lady turning into politics ), Lajja ( Story about women) , Nayak ( A reporter turning CM for one day ) are the movies which give a tight slap on our society and our corrupt system, no doubt these movies brings out the real hypocrite hidden inside us, may be we realize after the show get over.

Movies like Taare Zameem Par give the real insight of the society , today kids are given so much burden of studies that they have become book worms, the creativity in them has died or in other words child sacrifice them for their parents .

No doubt these movies leave a great impact on us , we say society copies from movies, even the filmmaker lives in the same  society from where they copy? Answer is from society only. It’s simple how we live what we do is just what we see .

It’s not wrong if we say  Cinema reflects the true image of our society.

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