Junk food some facts and results:Pizza and burger increasing obesity among children and adults

by sidsue4364 on June 3, 2009


How much fat does it contain ????

Everytime we say that  junk food is not healthy for us,it’s not a proper diet,it should be avoided but any one has ever questioned why? Why is that we always condemn junk food ,what is the reason that junk food is so popular among kids,and most important does it has some insalubrious consequences on us. If you have such question may be this is the article you need to read carefully, With the help of this piece of scratch pad outofbox will throw some  light on junk food and its consequences.

The first question is what do you understand by junk food ? Simple answer–It’s high in calories, low in nutrition, it’s laced with additively tasty fats, sugars and salt and it’s not worth eating.But still people eat because it tastes good and spicy.Now lets have some insight on the facts of such junk food .

  • ) The junk food industry deliberately targets children as young as 2 yrs old in a bid to create brand preference and lifelong loyalty. Advertisers question kids and tap into their play to create ads and products with guaranteed child-appeal.
  • ) Fast food chains use the lure of free toys to get kids to persuade their parents to spend. A desirable toy can double or triple weekly sales of kids’ meals. And every child brings along at least one adult too.

Many children now prefer man-made flavors to the taste of real food. How will they ever switch to fresh, unadulterated food? Flavorings and colorings can cause asthma, rashes and hyperactivity. Many countries(not UK)have banned such food for children.

UK companies spend £300m annually on ads aimed at kids. The average British child watches TV for 2 hrs 20 mins daily.

Children in the US have over $500bn a year to spend. The average American kid spends 25 hours a week watching TV, and sees around 20,000 ads a year for junk food. That’s one every 5 mins as they watch, and 3 hours of them in any one week.

·Soft drinks are aggressively marketed by fast food chains, because they are so profitable, at around 97% profit on the price per cup. The bigger the cup, the greater the profit. . In the US, average adult consumption of soft drinks is around 500 cans a year.

excessive fat is effecting every organ of your body

excessive fat is effecting every organ of your body


I know this article would do nothing to many of us coz junk food are now a part of our life from birthday celebration to get together party we all feel comfortable with junk food, in fact many would be reading it with a cheese burger.

So next time you bite a cheese burst keep this article in mind to avoid bursting.In case you too are addicted to junk foods please give your views on it and after knowing the harmful effects of junk food is it going to effect you in anyway.

These are some evil facts about junk food, now how does it harm us, it has been discovered that junk diets are not only bad for your heart, they may also impair essential brain functions like concentration and memory, study junk diet showed severe impairment on a wide range of learning and memory tasks relative to those person that consumed the lower fat diet.A 9 inch pizza have an average calories between 900-1100 cal and more than 15g fat and cholestrol.French fries have an average fat of 12 g and 250 cal.Cola drinks have average calories of 250 cal.Technically speaking our brain needs certain amount of glucose in order to function, said Professor Carol Greenwood of nutritional sciences and one of the authors of the study that appears in the March issue of the journal Neurobiology of Learning and Memory. When glucose metabolism is impeded by saturated fatty acids, it’s like clogging the brain and starving it of energy.

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titimma 06.04.09 at 10:58 am

hello sweetheart, I read the whole article and find it’s really more harmful than one can think.What you did is really appreciating work………..good job

Ashish 06.05.09 at 4:32 pm

Thanx@ titimma…just a piece of info to warn people and specially children before its too late

anneysha 07.11.11 at 8:20 pm

it was really awesome.

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