“JAI HO” to Indian Advertisng :Indian Ads acclaimed at 56th Cannes Lions International Advertising festival ‘09

by Ashish on July 9, 2009


Remember “Hamara Bajaj-Buland Bharat ki Buland tasveer”Ad  where every member of the family feels a connection with a Bajaj two wheeler or Liril girl splashing under a waterfall way back in 1980s or Shahid Kapoor and Ayesha Takia sipping Complan during their childhood years,since then Indian Advertising has matured and  come out of age producing some fantastic piece of advertising.Once again creative minds of Indian Advertising industry have proved their mettle and marked their presence in the recent 56th Cannes lions International Advertising festival 2009.

The festival has 11 categories popularly known as 11 Lions.With more than 22000 entries from 86 countries the competition wasn’t a cake walk but the Indian talent having more of a diverse and emotional experience from a country of multiple culture and language made their way to the top bagging silver and gold lions in different categories.

The most prestigious of all lions is Film lions where THE TIMES OF INDIA bagged the gold award.The Ad reflects a short satire  on the life of a giant cardboard cutout character, through the course of one day in the life of Chennai. A roller coaster of a journey through the ups and downs of cinema and politics, the two sides of almost every actor in the Cinema Cutout Capital of the world Madras/Chennai. The world’s largest English daily celebrates the 369th Birthday of this Cinema City with the First Ever Video Release of Tamil Super Hit Track Naaka Mukka created by JWT Mumbai,India.

In the category of Outdoor Lions DON’T DRINK & DRIVE campaign of Sab Miller India manufacturing Fosters produced by ad agency  OGILVY & MATHER Bangalore urging people not to drive when they are drunk bagged bronze award.

tn_21152_cupid_condoms In the same category CUPID CONDOMS ad created by  PUBLICIS COMMUNICATIONS Mumbai, INDIA won silver award mischievously  showing how the use of a single contraceptive can save lakhs of rupees and the cost incurred on a child from the day he is  born till he turns adult.

STREET TO SCHOOL ad of MAHARASHTRA JANAVIKAS KENDRA BALWADI NIGHT SCHOOL produced by JWT INDIA Mumbai also won gold award in design category.

Other ads which made their presence and won awards in other category were “Currency in Gandhi’s shoes” for a Gurgaon based NGO InGandhisshoes wherein blurbs were pasted on Indian Rupees  next to Gandhi’s photo spreading out peace message (Let Gandhi Talk)  were created by PUBLICIS INDIA Gurgaon and  SOUR MARBELS CANDIES of PERFETTI VAN MELLE  made by  OGILVY & MATHER Mumbai, INDIA won silver award.

Though we could not make it in the category of Cyber Lions despite of several creative online campaigns  it can be envisaged that Indian Advertising would be the next big thing after Indian movies made their presence felt on the global map.

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outofboxin 07.10.09 at 1:16 am

JAI HO to Indian Advertising: Indian ads won awards at Cannes Lions International Ad festival | Out of Box http://is.gd/1sv5o

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djashish 07.10.09 at 2:08 am

“JAI HO” to Indian Advertisng :Indian Ads acclaimed at 56th Cannes Lions International Advertising festival ‘09 http://bit.ly/gwAtZ

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kuldip_iitk 07.10.09 at 10:44 am

Fundoo ads again : http://tinyurl.com/lofnp5

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bud glass vase 05.17.10 at 1:02 pm

had been interesting. You appear very educated in your area.

Ashish 05.19.10 at 2:23 pm

Thanks buddy..ya whatever knowledge i do have ..i feel like sharing it for others n yes i m a advertising and filmmaking professional so i feel like writing about my field.

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