It’s Time To Clean Up: Green India Clean India

by sidsue4364 on May 17, 2009

say_no_to_plastic_bags1Name a country which has no villages ? Answer is Singapore . Shocked but it’s a  fact.With urbanization at its peak,we all dream to live in countries like New Zealand, Singapore ! reason the clean environment they have, how clean their country is , how responsible the citizens are. Well citizenship is something I cannot comment because there are many illiterate in India, what can be done with the help of some elite groups is to clean the country, reason is most of the garbage comes from big metros and the reason is straight forward – use of poly bags.

The use of poly bags no doubt have taken a significant role in our daily life, from shopping at Malls to buying vegetables from road side vendor we all carry our stuff in poly bags, the darker side of using them is making our environment unhygienic,these poly bags block sewage system thereby causing flies and germs to grow ,causing swage water to come on the street and rest of the picture we all can imagine.

Other notorious act that is practiced in society is to throw the garbage out side the house may be on the road, doing a similar act in one of your dream country will attract fine and that is the reason you won’t find people spitting or throwing garbage on the streets of London and NewYork.It has been inherited in their culture not to do so.The roads are meant for transport not to be used as dustbins.

Well every problem has a  solution and this too have a  simple one and in fact in front of us , but the point is we don’t want to see it may be we are happy or we are used to live in such kind of environment, the use of poly bags has caused much of the filth so why not use them as a cure.At places where people are aware  a sweeper visits their place regularly may be in mornings or may be evening, we only need to do  collect our waste in a polybag ( THE BLACK ONE WHICH ARE USED FOR THIS PURPOSE ONLY ) and wrap them , keep it outside your house or apartment and sweeper will collect it and dump it to a assigned area from where it’ll go for recycling . I don’t challenge my solution but I am sure this would give some sign of improvement , at least waste would not scattered on the roads, causing flies and stinking fragrance.

garbage can

We all complaint that there is so much filth in India and compare our country with countries like Australia, New Zealand, Singapore. The difference is simple and straight forward they follow such routine.

I hope we all pull up our socks and get ready to clean up what was left messy and untidy and make 50 % Singapore out of India.

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akanksha 10.07.11 at 10:32 pm

We need to make OUR COUNTRY Neat & Clean like other countries

vijay s 07.30.13 at 11:04 am

Keep up the good work …. awareness of social issues and SOLUTION is important.

gauthami 12.10.13 at 6:40 am

We need to understan these and we do understand these. But when it comes to act like it we dont. That is the major cause of these problems.

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