Initiative by PepsiCo. India for Earth’s Environment

by Ashish on April 21, 2009

In order to make people aware about the environment and ways to make Earth Green PepsiCo India are executing few projects with innovative ideas in various states across the country.
They are currently working in association with different NGO’s and institutes like EXNORA ,TERI and ADI for the welfare of
different sections of the society.
Water management ,Solid waste management and Agri-partnership with farmers are few endeavours among many which are
proving successful to make our palnet a better place to live in.For details click tomorrowbetterthantoday


PepsiCo India and EXNORA effectively implemented a model project in Pammal district in Tamil Nadu that adhered to the
Government policy on waste management. The project created a visible difference in the local environment of the region.
Implemented in a few wards of the Pammal district and impacting a population of over 22,000, the programme imparted
training on recycling waste rather than simply relocating it. The programme involved the creation of infrastructure,
usage of superior grade EXORCO compost, recycling of plastic and steel waste, road cleaning, street beautification,
sanitation awareness programes and a tree plantation programe that include the concept of ‘Each Child Adopt a Tree‘.


Each Child adopt a Tree

Recently they have organized a exhibition at British council New Delhi displaying a forest view with the use of recycled Pepsi cans.In line with the same a film SIX Degrees : Could change the Earth ,was screened on EARTH DAYwhich is celebrated on 22nd April every year to spread awareness for the earth’s environment.

This gives out a clear message that not only big corporates but we as an individual can also
contribute significantly towards the global warming and environment related issues that our planet is facing today.

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