Homework before buying a digital camera(Part-II):Flavors of Photography and specialized cameras for them

by Ashish on July 16, 2009

In a previous article(Part I) we have discussed about the basics one should know before buying a digital camera.Here in this article we would be sharing different flavors of photography and specialized cameras for it.It is always recommended that one should prepare a list of  all his needs and requirements  before buying the best suited camera of his choice.In that way you’ll get exactly what you want and not succumb to slick advertising claims or else you’ll end up  buying a high priced camera with bells and whistles you’ll never use.


If a  camera is used seldom to capture only images of  friends and family events,then Point and shoot digital camera is the best bet.


In case someone is an avid Wildlife Photographer then a camera with 5x optical zoom or greater is the perfect choice and make sure it captures several frames per second.


If you  cover sports events and works as photo journo with a media organization,then a camera with a sports shooting mode with feature of setting the shutter speed is the right camera for you.With such features it enables to freeze sportsmen or athlete in motion.

Photo by www.designertalk.com If you like capturing beautiful and unusual faces and claims to be a Portrait photographer then buy a camera having portrait mode.It should have an aperture-preferred shooting mode

and a fast telephoto lens with an aperture setting of f/2.8 which enables to create a limited Depth of field so that the subject remains in clear focus and the background and foreground gets blurry.

A digital camera is not a thing which you can buy every now and then,hence it is recommended to research thoroughly on web,magazines,etc before buying it.We hope this article would help many confused brains to choose a camera which suits their needs picking the best and leaving the rest.

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