Computer Virus ! Let’s get Infected : Why Geeks write Virus

by sidsue4364 on May 24, 2009

What would happen if you know that your system is malfunctioning due to virus, a system crash or system formatting is what you think of first and why not because the chaos it creates like data is erased, speed slows down, folders and file gets deleted, or one word for all this ,a complete mess of your system. Well there are some other measures for detecting it and geeks know it better than me but ever you thought about what is a computer virus.


A virus is nothing but a script that gets on the RAM of the system and executes with any program that it finds suitable, spread from peer to peer , example Code Red worm which replicated more than 250,000 times in just 9 hours. Another example of virus is Boot sector virus which gets loaded in boot sector of the hard disk or floppy and get executed every time system is turned on, since the hard boot sector is used when the operating system loads .

Well there are many ways in which one can get the system virus free to some extent is by following some tips :

  • Always create a guest account in your system, since guest account has many restriction ,so many system programs don’t get executed when logging in with guest account.
  • Always format any external storage device may be its a hard disk, pen drive before using it.
  • Keep your antivirus up- to- date.
  • One can set up from BIOS to start system from hard disk rather than floppy or CD-ROM device.

There may be many more tricks other than mentioned above. Well there are some interesting reasons why people write virus :

  • a)Many people get acknowledgement and recognition.
  • b)They get pleasure creating chaos, hustle.
  • c)Some time virus are created to check the strength of any product developed.
  • d)For fun ! the most stupid reason.

e)There are some famous antivirus that have been in the news for many years they are as follows :

  • THE AL GORE virus : It just keeps your system counting and counting.
  • THE JACK KEVORKIAN virus :  delete all folders.
  • THE MIKE  TYSON virus : quits after two bytes.
  • THE OPRAH WINFREY virus : 300 MB drives shrinks to 100 MB,
  • THE LORENA BOBBITT virus : formats your hard disk into 3.5 inch floppy disk and discards  your windows.

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Well the knowledge about virus is as vast as its reach, i.e limitless.The better way  is to prevent it rather than cure it. An interesting fact about virus is they have been made by male programmers , may be female don’t waste time or they are too smart to be caught.

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Computer Virus ! Let’s get Infected : Why Geeks write Virus

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