Biggest Rumors from the World of Technology : gossips about gadgets and techies

by sidsue4364 on June 10, 2009

Rumors are our part of everyone’s life,you’ll find many people gossiping around  as it is related to  celebrities most of the times.Well this time these rumors are straight  from the world of technology,gossips about gadgets and techies which will be a hot cake for coming years.

  1. googlephoneGoogle Phone : Rumors said that it would be launched late in 2009, reasons were that there was shortage of androids developers, as Nokia hired all of them, also HTC had some problem with delivering phone sets, even this news was published in Wall Street Journal leading to 1.3% dip in google share market.

iphone-nano-leaked-images The iPhone Nano : Rumors said that Apple is about to launch the I-Phone nano, the first dejection came when people could not find it in Mac world in 2008 as it was proposed by the rumors Think of typing on a screen almost half the size of the iPhone 3G’s.

360withBluRay 3)Xbox in a Blu-ray Player: Rumors  for Xbox to play blue ray disc was considered one of the most dejected thing happened to MicroSoft, rumors also said that some third party launched its blue ray version in 2001 in Japan, with social media like Engadget and Digg this rumor was spread like jungle fire.

  1. microsoft-yahoo-merger_0 Yahoo & MicroSoft :The biggest tech rumor,that MS would overtake Yahoo for a whopping amount of $46 billion, however that deal never materialized.
  1. 73969402WM007_Democratic_Pr
  2. President Obama & Apple : In a rumor that Barrack Obama was using Microsoft Zune triggered a fire in the Apple contingent, the rumor was so strong that Apple  wanted its vote back, however later Obama’s spokesperson announced that honorable Prez  is still listening an i-Pod.
  1. wwn-steve-jobs1 Steve Jobs Dead : I guess the most ridiculous rumor of all time, with the news waving out that Apple founder is no more led to Apple share fall to $94 ( I should have bought those), later news was dejected and every thing was normal. Imagine some investors would have been millionaire, some time rumors do good things.

If you have any other rumors revolving around techies, gadgets and technology world ,please feel free to share it here

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aryanvikings20 06.11.09 at 3:38 pm

Google,Apple,Microsoft,Yahoo and Steve jobs are few big names which were more famous for rumors than their work in past 1 year.

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