Best Documentaries of 21st Century:Oscar Winning movies

by Ashish on May 1, 2009

Though there have been thousands of documentaries which have been made in last 70-80 yrs since the
first documentary Moana was released in 1926.Some were sending social message ,some were revelaing
some really surprisingly and unknown stories and facts.In 21 st century also there were several
documentaries made which have received accolades worldwide and screened across the globe. Below are
the three best documentaries which not only grabbed Oscars but other prestigious academy awards too in
current decade.

The blood of Yingzhou District (written by Thomas Lennon)
A small child and HIV positive” does not speak a word until the last minutes of the film. Yet this young AIDS orphan reveals his ferocious resolve to live while his extended family weighs whether or not to keep him. The documentary tells the story of orthodox Chinese obligations of family and village colliding with terror of infection, and how these forces play out in the lives of children in the remote villages of Anhui. Its about the search of child for a family to call his own.

Freeheld (written by cynthia wade)
Cancer stricken Laurel Hester was serving new jersey as a police woman and suddenly she found that she was suffering
with lung cancer. At the time of her diagnosis, she fought for her pension to be given to her partner/longtime companion/wife Staci Andree.
The documentary shows the woman’s battle for life and to help her partner
obtain a sum of about $13,000 which isn’t much but it would be able to maintain their modest New Jersey home.
It’s not so much about lesbianism as it is about politics in the garden state that is the most corrupt in the nation.
The freeholders was resistant in letting Andree obtain the money probably to pocket themselves.
Since she lived in New Jersey where the corruption is just awful and all politicians (even the former governor known as a “Gay American” was too busy to make black money.

Smile Pinki (written by Trivin Dreamer and directed by Megan Mylan)
Its a tale about a five-year-old girl from a village in the Mirzapur District, India, born into a desperately poor family,
and with a cleft lip. Pinki never thought that just one simple operation would change her life until she met Pankaj,
a social worker traveling from village to village gathering patients to go to hospital in Varanasi that provides free
surgery to thousands each year.
This real-world fairy tale follows its protagonist journey to a dream smile from isolation and shame.Now Pinki is smiling
all the way.

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