Are you a chain smoker? I doubt !!!

by sidsue4364 on May 19, 2009


Smoking today is just a fashion trend, common among youth, although they don’t find any taste in it, its just a time pass or may be a certificate to them that they are no more kids.It can function as a first step out of childhood or as an act of rebellion against the adult world.But  what could we say about adults of 30-40 yrs, for them it’s a stress buster,to forget their problem for instance.With commercialization making inroads in our life , a hectic day out is ought to happen so to get rid of it some people starts smoking.Well there are thousands of excuses we get if we ask some one why do they smoke. Today there are many Indians who are stucked in  chain smoking habit especially youth from call center,corporate and IT Industry.Still I doubt Indians are chain smokers. If you just think and count what would be your guess about smoke consumption in a year in India, well answers will vary from 500 to 1000, but sorry its 129 average smokes per person per year.

Surprised but that’s a fact on the top of the list is Greece with nearly 4500 smokes  per person per year. Sounds absurd but that’s what stats says. Second in the tally is Hungary with nearly 3000 smokes per person per year. Well talking about India its just 129 smokes per person per year making its way at the bottom of ranking ! Even here India could not make it :(

Comparative Particulate Emissions Chart-Hourly

So if you’re an Indian and you think you smoke a lot, it’s not the case.Not only men but women too are addicted to tobacco consumption.You’ll normally see on roads ,in restaurant,hotels and parties smoke coming out from those pink rose lippy.A study reveals that women in United States and Europe are more addicted to smoking as compared to women in other regions.So Indians are still on the safer zone,but we must try our best to be last in such rankings.

Warning: Cigarette smoking can be injurious to health

Statutory Warning: Consumption of Tobacco will certainly harm you.

There is no doubt in it.

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