5 Best movies on Global Warming

by Ashish on November 25, 2009

Global warming continues to remain a hot issue in every global summit whether it is

G8 or UN summit or Presidents and environmentalist at a round table conference. Newspapers reporting about the blame game between States and Asian countries and others making statements. Everyone is busy talking about it and very few in actually doing something in the direction of reducing it. Cinema being one of the most influential way tried and delivered some of best films from time to time which not only worried Big Bosses but common man too. Have a look at some of the best cinematic work on the issue of global warming.


Water world,1995 is a movie showcasing most of Earth is underwater as polar ice caps have melted and very little land is remaining, causing some humans to mutate into growing fins and gills, to adapt to their new environment.

An Inconvenient Truth for Kidz-thumb

The day after tomorrow,2004 which indicated how the world would look like if the greenhouse effect and global warming continued winning BAFTA film award for special visual effects and MTV movie award.

An inconvenient truth,2006 ,a documentary on Al Gore’s campaign to make the issue of global warming a recognized problem worldwide,which won 2 Oscars.

11th hour 2007 a documentary written by Leonardo DiCaprio talking about the global environment problems and the visionary and practical solutions for restoring the planet’s ecosystems.


2012 ,2009 which recently came out is an epic adventure by Roland Emmerich

is about a global disaster that brings an end to the world and tells of the heroic struggle of the survivors.

A must watch for all those who care about our planet and wants to make it a better place for the next coming generations.

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film_awards 11.25.09 at 7:20 pm

5 Best movies on Global warming | Out of Box: The day after tomorrow,2004 which indicated how the world would look like http://url4.eu/pH9D

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djashish 11.25.09 at 8:11 pm

5 Best movies on Global warming ..Out of Box http://bit.ly/6C9MP2

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Uttoran Sen 11.30.09 at 5:04 pm

looking foreword to see the 2012, sounds cool :)
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Green Charity 07.05.11 at 6:56 am

I love that Waterworld made this list, oddly enough, good food for thought, I suspect Al Gore might disapprove.
Green Charity´s last blog post ..PHEVs Can Help Reduce Climate Change & Oil Dependency

Ashish 07.06.11 at 11:44 pm

@GreenCharity Al gore will disapprove it fr sure :)

May 11.13.12 at 10:27 pm

One, I’m now a Republican, at least for today, so I can vote in the Republican primary. Hopefully, this represents some sort of indication that, even here in God’s country, Cache Valley, Utah, we’ve had enough of the ultra extreme far right for awhile. See how much of this change is attributed to greenhouse gases, albedo (i.

Kevin 08.13.13 at 10:40 am

Here is another great film on global warming to add to the list. This film shows calving glaciers up close and personal. http://www.amazon.com/Global-Warming-Action-Musical-Story/dp/B00E3GII7Y/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1376370540&sr=8-1&keywords=global+warming+in+action

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