13 Best excuses you can give to your BOSS

by Ashish on April 17, 2009

Xcuse Me

Every morning you feel bunking your office but can’t do much
as there is a huge gap betw’n college and professional life.In office
you are answerable to someone you never like !! BOSS :(
No worries here we have 13 best excuses you can give to your boss
for enjoyng your day instead of getting crushed in your 8*6 cubicle.

1. Try to give excuses on other names like Sick spouse
Sick or injured child.This works well as you don’t have to make your
face pale yellow the very next day.

2. Somebody died in your in-laws family or may be
your grandparents .Nobody will question you for this.

3.Have to go to the doctor/dentist/optometrist/ENT surgeon. Everytime you find a new illness/disease
and rush to specialist to get well soon, as you are worried about your pending work at office.

4.Food poisoning.You ate something outside and now spending most of your time on commode.

5.Had to be rushed to hospital for coffee/tea burns on my lap yesterday night

6. I sprained my wrist cooking dinner in the microwave last nite.

7. I slipped in the shower and torque my knee. I can’t walk on it at all.

8. I have extremely bad diarrhea. Nobody will discuss this with you.

9.I won’t be able to come today as my Aunt is flying in from Australia.As no one else is there
to receive her at airport i have to go anyhow.Aunt can be replaced by your mom-dad/sister or
any relative that you are concerned.

10.I had to take my grandmother/grandfather to the hospital as they are counting there last days.

11. My wife is pregnant so i had to accompany her to the hospital for a regular checkup.
I know one person who made the same excuse to his boss every time he needs an off for
11 months.finally her wife became the first lady on planet to give birth to a child after 11 months.
So you have to keep this thing in mind when you made this excuse for the first time.

12. You were helping an accident victim to the hospital and were busy with police formalities through
out the day.This will show your human side to others.

13. For women: give excuse of cramps/weakness.Nobody will ask anything unless your boss is a lady,and she will understand too..

Warning: The above excuses are meant to be used when you really need a break.Don’t use it often
as it will effect your productivity and your company growth as well.

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